About Us


Dreams Come True

Harley dreamed about flying most of his life. He flew a Microlight in the early 90s but finances and life took president. In 2013 while traveling in Asia, he first read an article about Paramotors and by 2015 he learned how to fly them. In 2020 he went on to set a Guinness World Record and later completed the Fastest Crossing Coast to Coast crossing in just 8 days. In 2021 he earned his private pilot’s license, in 2022 he achieved an Instrument rating, and in 2023 his Commercial Rating. He continues to work on becoming a CFI and making further achievements.


What people say about us


“Harley has been an incredible teacher and guide into the world of paramotoring. Not only is he an incredible pilot himself, having flown across the country for the 50x challenge, but more importantly he’s very good at teaching…”

Paramotor Student

“Harley is awesome, he’s always down to help out/answer questions without judgement. He really is a “there’s no stupid question” type of guy. Super experienced pilot who dedicates 99% of his time to bettering the sport. 100% recommend.”

Paramotor Student

“trained elsewhere and didn’t feel adequately prepared. Harley trained me one on one for 5 additional flights sessions. He knows what he’s doing. You’re in good hands. Good luck!”

Paramotor Pilot

“Yes, I know Harley well. He’s a great guy, very nice, and a very qualified instructor. His approach is very much to turn you into a pilot, not just a dude with a paramotor — besides making sure you can fly your wing, he makes sure you understand airspace rules, weather, airport operations, etc. His approach might be considered slightly conservative compared to other instructors in that he makes sure you walk before you try to run”

Paramotor Pilot


Training Facility

Our main training field is located in Kenwood just north of Sonoma at Belo Cavalos, an Equine Experiential Organization where people gather together, experience relationships with animals, with nature, with others, and with themselves in order to learn, grow, and heal.

We collect a $10 per day donation per pilot to support this facility. This donation directly supports our work with the Valley of the Moon Children’s Center. In many cases, these children have been victims of criminal violence, abused, abduction, or neglect are also those without resources or a voice to defend them.